So how do you talk about Marijuana???


I have noticed one of the main issues most people have when trying to get into the marijuana business or gain information about the marijuana business is the actual discussion of marijuana. In almost every industry you can come together under a legal common ground to converse, collaborate, and educate. In the marijuana industry it is very difficult to even obtain a lot of information without doing extensive research, traveling, and large investments of cash and time. I myself have traveled to Denver, Los Angeles, Oakland, Las Vegas, and New York all in the pursuit of gaining information to successfully start my business as well as help others to get into the marijuana industry.


In many of the classes I have held most people find it a bit difficult to discuss the subject, even though they are in a Marijuana class. I believe however that open discussion about the subject helps to take away the stigma of negativity surrounding the marijuana business. One of the first ways I open up conversation about marijuana is by asking do they know someone who has ailments?, or do they have or know someone who has a medical marijuana license? Those two questions usually open most people up to discussions involving marijuana.



I have noticed that a large percentage of people don’t even mind having the discussion most just fear what other people’s initial reaction will be to anything pertaining to the marijuana business. I have often found that when I give a person a business card or they see one of my shirts advertising the business that usually gets the conversation going. Meaning if you have some cool ass cards or you have great marketing materials and tools within your reach that you will have a higher success rate of having a conversation with someone regarding the marijuana business.


Once you are able to have a conversation with someone regarding the marijuana business you can begin to collaborate and discuss ideas, processes, supply chain, as well as the invention of other products to sell that will progress the marijuana business and marijuana economy. Remember though all these things begin by just coming out and networking and attending lots of classes. Once you have a pretty good network you will begin to obtain a slew of information.


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